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Why study with Learning Academy?

We support learning for life

Our orientation is towards learning the topics first by understanding them. Memorising just to pass the exams and mastering a few short-cuts is rote-learning and we do not support that. We want you to learn the topics, ask questions, challenge the notions, pass the exams and then take it further to build your career and further studies. A mere 'pass' allows you to claim the qualification in your CV. Learning takes you further – it remains with you and lays foundation for career progression.

Learning is a cognitive process – it happens in your mind. No one but you can make it happen. Our role, therefore, is to facilitate the process and create an environment where you move from known (your current knowledge and skills) to unknown (new frontiers of knowledge).


The more you understand the topic, the less you have to remember. That is learning for life.

We offer dedicated tutor support

We provide dedicated tutor support via email, phone and text/WhatsApp to help you understand the accounting concepts and prepare for your exams. Your tutor may also arrange for a one-to-one online session if necessary.

We have "all inclusive" learning plans

We do not offer tiered pricing structure whereby you would have to pay additional fees for revision and exams preparation. Our all inclusive learning plans include tutor support for your studies, revision and practice activities and exams preparation. All these are inbuilt into the fees we charge.


The fees we charge also include all the books (text books, work books, question banks, etc.). However, you need to consider some additional costs (AAT student membership fees and the exam fees) that are not included in our fees structure.

Our lecturers have industry experience


Our specialist lecturers have years of experience in trade and industry. We strongly believe that to teach accounting as a subject, one needs to have relevant and practical industrial experience. Our lecturers, therefore, do not deliver lectures just reading from the books. They talk from their experience and share their practical skills.

We have flexible entry points


We do not have rigid entry (enrolment) points. You can talk to us round the year and start learning whenever you are ready. Contact us today to get started.

We have an easy paced learning plan


We recognise that everyone learns at a different pace and in a different style. We, therefore, want to be patient with you. Our learning plans include sufficient time for basic learning, practice activities, revision and exam preparation. Our learning plans are designed by industry experts who have years of experience in delivering and managing the qualifications. Rather than pushing you to face your exams in the shortest possible time, our learning schedules and plans help you to consolidate your learning before you take your exams. We aim to make the whole process stress free and enjoyable.

No Quibbles, Money Back Assurance

We are confident that most of our learners who enrol will enjoy the experience. However, on the rare occasion that a learner is not completely satisfied, he/she has the option to withdraw from the course within a specified period from joining the course. The fees will be refunded in full, no questions asked, except for the books and other resources already provided which cannot be refunded for.

This only applies to our full course options for AAT Levels 2 & 3; does not apply for our modular self-study learning packages.

Don't take our word for it, see what our students have to say about us.

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