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Bookkeeping Basics


Are you thinking of a career in bookkeeping, accountancy or finance but not sure if you are ready for AAT Level 2? Our short Bookkeeping Basics course introduces you to the very basics and helps you get ready to join one of our AAT Accredited Level 2 courses in Bookkeeping or Accounting. You can also choose to join our online ACCA Level 2 Accounting course.

About this course: this is a short online self-study course with learning material largely adapted from the material developed for the introductory module for our AAT Accredited Level 2 Certificate courses in Bookkeeping and Accounting. See more details further down below.

How to join: email us at with your full name and we will get back to you with the next steps and the payment link for the course fee (£6). We aim to reply within two working days; please check your spam/junk folder if you haven't heard from us after a few days. 

What our students say*:
Standard of teaching - 9.5/10
Overall support and guidance - 9.6/10

Quality of resources provided  - 9.5/10

Would recommend us as an AAT training provider  - 100%


*2023 Student Feedback Survey conducted by the AAT

What will you learn?

The online classroom for this course contains around 5 hours of recorded videos (view sample videos further down below) which very briefly:

  • Provides an outline of bookkeeping and accounting functions: (financial transactions, documents, accounting architecture, books of prime entry, ledgers and accounts, digital accounting).

  • Covers the Principles of Double Entry Bookkeeping (rules of debits and credits with practical examples)


Disclaimer: this short course is not an AAT qualification. 

To view our current AAT Accredited courses please check the main AAT Courses page.

No previous accounting experience/qualifications required to join this course. You just need to have a willingness to learn something new and be able to commit a few hours every week for 4-6 weeks. Students living outside the UK are welcome to join this course, please let us know when you email us to join.


How much does it cost? £6 (to access the online classroom for two months). You are not required to buy any books, sit any exams or pay any AAT membership fees for this course.


Email us at to join.

Study method: you can start this course immediately and study at your own pace and convenience online. You will receive access to the online classroom with the videos and other learning resources for two months. Please note that this short course is to be completed through online self-study and no tutor support is provided by us.

The purpose of this course is:

  • To provide a brief overview of accounting and bookkeeping functions

  • To enable you to consider whether studying accounting/bookkeeping is for you or not

  • To give you a brief idea of our teaching approach and ethos as a training provider

  • To prepare you for enrolment for our AAT Accredited Level 2 Qualifications (Accounting or Bookkeeping). If you are living outside the UK you will first need to check if you can sit your AAT assessments at a local assessment venue.

Email us at to join.

Sample Videos:

Please note the following before joining this course:


  1. Whilst we are an AAT approved training provider and the learning material is originally designed for AAT accredited qualifications, completing this short course will not in itself result in you receiving a qualification certificate from the AAT or a certificate of completion/participation from us.

  2. Completing this course will not in itself automatically result in you receiving enrolment for one of our AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate courses.

  3. We cannot offer our usual 14 days "no quibbles, money back" assurance for this short course. However, if you decide not to join this course within 14 days of having made the payment we will refund your payment in full provided you have not already accepted the invitation to join the online classroom for this course.   

  4. We use the Google Classroom platform for our online courses. Ideally you will need a Gmail address to join and enjoy all the features (you can create one for free if you don't have one). 

    1. This course is primarily designed to be done by accessing Google Classroom via a web browser on a PC/laptop, however, you can also access the learning material on portable devices through Google's dedicated Classroom apps for Android and iOS.

    2. For help with using Google Classroom, please see:

    3. We cannot provide any technical support with using Google Classroom on your device.

Updated: January 2024

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