AAT Online Resources

What is this?

For certain AAT units/exams we provide the option to buy access to the online learning resources provided to our enrolled AAT students without the requirement to enroll for the whole course.

Who is this for?

This option is ideal for you if you are self-studying for your AAT qualifications and need learning content for certain units/exams or if you are already enrolled with another training provider but need additional learning content for certain units/exams.

Sample course

Although there is no "try-before-you-buy" option available, if you wish to see how our online classrooms through Google Classroom work before buying access for one of the units, please email us with your Gmail address at enquiries@learnac.co.uk and we will be happy to send you an invitation to access our sample course for a few days.

Our sample course is there for the purpose of demonstrating how we deliver our online content through Google Classroom and give you a taste of the kind of content we provide; it is not there to provide you with a sample of content for the specific unit/s you are interested in.

How much does it cost?

Prices and available units are provided below. 

How long will I have access for?

You will have access to the online classroom for 3 months.

Next steps?

Please email us at enquiries@learnac.co.uk with your full name and the unit/exam name (please check below first) when you are ready to join. We will get back to you with the confirmation and invoice link for payment online through your credit/debit card. Payment via direct bank transfer/BACS is not available.

Please check the Terms and Conditions below for detailed information before buying access. When you make the payment we will assume that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

AAT AQ2016 Qualification

Units in red are currently not available, but will be made available soon

  • Level 2 Foundation 

    • BTRN - Bookkeeping Transactions - £77

    • BKCL - Bookkeeping Controls - £77

  • Level 3 Advanced

    • AVBK - Advanced Bookkeeping - £85

    • FAPR - Final Accounts Preparation - £85

    • MMAC - MA: Costing - £85

    • IDRX - Indirect Tax Finance Act 2020 - £85

    • ADSY - Advanced Synoptic (includes contents for the Ethics and Spreadsheets units) - £135

  • Level 4 Professional

    • FSLC - Financial Statements for Limited Companies - £94

    • MABU - MA: Budgeting - £94

    • MDCL - MA: Decision & Control - £94

    • PDSY - Professional Synoptic (Veggie Delights case study; includes Accounting Systems and Controls unit) - £94

    • CTRM - Cash & Treasury Management - £94

    • CDMT - Credit Management - £94

    • PLTX - Personal Tax Finance Act 2020 - £94

Please note:

  • Prices ONLY include access to pre-recorded online videos and other digital content created for our AAT courses.

  • Books are NOT included however we are happy to let you know when you buy access which books our content for that unit/exam is based on if you wish to buy those books directly from the publishers.

  • Tutor support of any kind is NOT included (including, but not limited to, tutor support via email/phone/sms/WhatsApp/Google Classroom to clarify any doubts, exam preparation/guidance, feedback on online activities or sample assessments).

Terms and Conditions:

  1. We are an approved training provider for the AAT qualifications. The offer outlined on this page is for buying access to watch recorded videos for a particular subject/unit/exam under the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualifications.

    1. Before you buy access to the content, you must ascertain your eligibility (to study for a particular qualification) and the suitability of the content we provide to meet your requirements.

    2. There is no assertion from us that buying access to this content will help you to complete your AAT qualification or otherwise. We do not provide any guarantee for passing the subject/unit/exam for which you are buying the content. 

    3. You are solely responsible for managing your AAT membership and arranging your exams. For any guidance or assistance regarding this please contact the AAT directly.

    4. Buying access to our online content through the offer on this page is not the same as enrolling for one of our AAT courses and as such you won't be an enrolled student with us (Learning Academy).

  2. What is included:

    1. Access to watch our recorded videos for a particular AAT unit/exam.

    2. Access to files/documents (in pdf/spreadsheet/presentation format) used in the videos.

  3. What is NOT included:

    1. Tutor support/guidance of any kind through any communication method.

    2. Books on which the videos are based.

    3. Your AAT membership fees.

    4. Your AAT exam fees.

  4. Copyright:

    1. You are welcome to download the digital files/documents provided in the online classroom for the purposes of your studies and reference; you are NOT however allowed to download the recorded videos.

    2. The copyright for the digital files/documents created by us and the recorded videos rests with us (Learning Academy).

    3. You may NOT distribute or disseminate content for which we hold the copyright.

  5. Refund:

    1. If you change your mind once you have made the payment we are happy to offer a full refund of the amount paid provided:

      1. You contact us within 14 days of the invoice date (inclusive).

      2. You do not attempt to access our online content (i.e., accepting our invitation email to join our online classroom). 

    2. No refund will be available once:

      1. You access our online classroom through our invitation email.

      2. 14 days from the invoice date (inclusive) have elapsed.

    3. We are not liable for providing any refunds if you don't "like" or "enjoy" the content; this is purely subjective and specific to an individual.

    4. We aim to process refunds within 2-3 working days of receiving the request. 

    5. Refunds will be refunded back to the card used to make the payment online.

    6. Please note that it may take the online payment processing company up to seven working days to refund the funds back to your card once we have processed it. 

  6. Access:

    1. You will need a Google account/Gmail address to gain access to our online classroom as we use the Google Classroom platform.

      1. We will send an invitation email via Google Classroom to the Gmail address provided by you within 2-3 working days of you making the payment online to provide you with access to the online classroom.

      2. Some Google accounts that are managed as part of a custom business domain may not work for gaining access to our online classrooms. In this case, you have to be prepared to create a free Gmail address to gain access.

    2. You can access the online classrooms through a web browser on a desktop/laptop computer (Windows and Mac OSX).

    3. Google also provides apps for the Google Classroom for Android and iOS devices, however, for the most optimum experience we recommend that you access our online content through a computer rather than a mobile device. We are not responsible if these apps are withdrawn or if they are not available for your specific device.

    4. You will need a suitably fast broadband connection to access the content on our online classroom.

    5. For additional details please check: https://support.google.com/edu/classroom#topic=10298088

    6. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary hardware, software and internet connection to access our online classrooms.

  7. Access Period/Extension:

    1. You will have access to our online classroom for 3 months. The start date will be based on the invoice date and the end date will be 3 months after the start date.​

      1. Any minor extensions to the end date as a result of payment issues or technical access issues​ at your end will be at our discretion.

    2. If you wish to retain access to the online classroom beyond the end date then you will need to repurchase full access at the prevalent price. 

      1. The end date of the access period CANNOT be extended for an arbitrary period and charged on a pro-rata basis.​