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General Terms and Conditions

Please note: The terms and conditions specific to your chosen course will be included in your enrolment form (for our AAT courses) or on the course page (for our non-AAT courses) which will take precedence over the general terms and conditions laid out on this page.

Entry requirements


Although AAT qualifications are open qualifications, our AAT courses have entry requirements (specific to each course) that potential students must meet in order to enrol.

The entry requirements for each of our AAT courses is included with the course details provided online and in our AAT Course Specifications booklet.

In addition to the course specific entry requirements, all our AAT students are expected to have good IT skills in order to access online learning material and sit their AAT computer-based assessments.

Distance learning


Distance learning can be quite effective and convenient way of study provided you study regularly, be in touch with your tutor and raise questions where necessary. Self-discipline, motivation, and good time management are essential skills to be successful in any distance learning course.

We expect you to communicate with your tutor on a regular basis (generally, every fortnight).

Access to online resources

As a part of our training fees and tutorial support you will be provided with access to digital learning material (recorded lectures, activities, etc.) through our online classroom.

Currently we use the Google Classroom platform to provide access to our digital learning material. To gain access to the online classroom for this course you will need to provide us with a valid Gmail email address.

Depending on your course, some of the digital learning resources may be provided through our learning partners.

Details about the learning resources included (digital or otherwise) for our AAT courses is included with the course details provided online and in our AAT Course Specifications booklet.

We reserve the right to replace the recorded lectures at our discretion.

Copyright of the resources provided by us

All the printed books provided by us carry copyrights in favour of the publishers.

All resources (videos, notes and activities) prepared by us (printed or digital) carry the copyright in our favour. These resources are solely provided for you and no one else. Any unauthorised use, distribution, publication, copy will amount to infringement of the above copyrights.

AAT registration

It is a requirement that students enrolling on one of our AAT courses register with the AAT as a student member for that specific qualification and select us (Learning Academy) as their training provider. The registration process is quite simple and can be done online through

You will need to provide your personal details and they need to be the same as provided to us in the enrolment form.

Please make sure the address you provide them is correct and valid since AAT will mail the qualification certificate to this address.

Please note the certain declarations that you will be required to make in order to process your application for registration. See page 2 of AAT's guide for more information (

If your registration with the AAT is delayed or refused (in a rare case), we hold no responsibility and will not be able to refund your fees or reimburse any costs.

What happens if you are not registered with the AAT?

If you are not registered with the AAT as a student member for this particular qualification, you cannot sit for your exams.

To put it simply, you cannot get the qualification even after enrolling for the course with us. Furthermore, if you delay your registration with AAT, you cannot book your assessments/exams with any exam centre and we will not be responsible for that.

If you are already registered with the AAT and migrating from another study provider/college, you will have to transfer your membership to us.

We expect you to be registered with the AAT as a student member attached to our centre on or before the deadline set in your enrolment form.

Course cancellation

We do not intend to cancel any of our courses. However, we may have to cancel any running course during its tenure due to circumstances beyond our control. In such an event, we will refund the fees on pro rata basis, but we will not refund/reimburse any other costs.

We may also give option to join an alternative course at a future date.


We work hard to make sure that our learners like our courses and find them useful. However, in the rare case that you do not wish to continue after joining the course, you will be entitled to a refund if you cancel your enrolment within a certain period of time after your enrolment.

For our AAT courses the refund period is generally 14 days from enrolment but differs for each course based on the length of tutor support provided for that course. This will be mentioned clearly in your enrolment form.


For our non-AAT courses the refund period is generally 14 days from purchase/payment ONLY IF you have not yet accepted the invitation to join the online classroom for the course. Once you accept the invitation to join the online classroom you are no longer eligible for a refund.

Generally, for our AAT courses if you cancel your enrolment within the time allotted in your enrolment form, you will be entitled only to a refund for the training fees element of the course fees; books and other printed study material already provided cannot be refunded for. Details of this will be provided in your enrolment form and/or course fee invoice.

Cancellation of enrolment will result in the termination of access to the online learning resources provided through our online classroom and/or our learning partners.

We aim to process the refund within one working week from the cancellation.

No cancellation will be allowed, or refund provided, after the allotted period.

We are not liable for reimbursing any registration fees paid/payable to the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians).

Once you join this course, you will not be able to transfer your enrolment to any of our other courses without our written and specific permission.

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