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Ready to start?

Once you have determined the ideal AAT course for you (click to see all AAT courses), you can enrol in six easy steps:

  1. Apply online using our Online Application Form.

  2. We will review your application and get in touch with you soon. Depending on the course you have applied for and the details you have provided, we may either get back to you with an enrolment offer (if you meet the entry requirements) and cost breakdown or request additional details in order to offer you enrolment. Please note that merely completing the application form does not automatically lead to an enrolment offer.

  3. Once you receive an enrolment offer and cost details, please get back to us confirming that you are happy with all the costs associated with your chosen course (and the interest free monthly payment plan if applicable). Please note: in some cases we may not require you to confirm that you are aware of all the costs (for example if you have recently enquired about the course and received the cost breakdown) or we may combine it with step 4 below.

  4. We will get back to you with your enrolment form and the invoice for the course fees. If you have opted to pay the course fees using our interest free monthly payment plan, we will also include the direct debit payment schedule and instructions to set up your direct debit mandate.

  5. Once you receive your enrolment documents please complete your enrolment form and arrange to make the payment for the course fees by the date stipulated in the enrolment form. If using our interest free monthly payment plan, please setup your direct debit mandate as soon as possible. Please note that it normally takes around five working days for the first payment to be processed once the direct debit mandate has been set up.

  6. Your enrolment will be confirmed once you complete your enrolment form and we receive the course fees (or the first payment from the monthly instalment plan if applicable).

Please note that the enrolment steps for your enrolment with us may differ from above based on the specific circumstances of your application/enquiry.

Once your enrolment is confirmed we will arrange for the dispatch of your books. We will also arrange for you to receive access to the online classroom for the first unit of your course and arrange for an induction call with your tutor.

Not sure which course is ideal for you?

If you require guidance with choosing the ideal AAT course for you, please follow the process below:

  1. Please get in touch via email ( or WhatsApp (07460 105 190) with your query. Please provide information about yourself and your required learning outcomes or career goals so that we can recommend the ideal course for you.

  2. Based on the information you provide, we will send you the necessary details.

  3. If you are happy with the recommended course we will offer you enrolment and send you your enrolment documents. You will then complete steps 5 & 6 of the enrolment process outlined in the previous section.

Our Approach

Our admissions and enrolment process is quite informal. At the same time, we strongly believe that teaching and learning is a two way partnership.


One cannot self-enrol into a course or ‘buy’ a course online. Even though we earn fees through our courses, we believe that we need to ascertain your suitability first so that you are placed in the right course. We have, therefore, not made our enrolment forms available online.

When you apply or enquire for one of our AAT courses we provide you with all the necessary details and also assess you for the entry requirements for the course that you are interested in. We do this to ensure that all our students have a comfortable, enjoyable and successful learning experience with us.

For a full breakdown of all the costs/fees associated with our courses please download our AAT Course Specifications document.

We will also give you a grace period (depending upon the course length) wherein you can withdraw your enrolment. Full fees (as collected) will be refunded subject to charges for any books/resources provided. We are confident about our teaching and learning process and hence are happy to provide this extra peace of mind.


Fees are not refundable after the initial grace period.

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