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Student Reviews and Success Stories

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Here's what our students have to say about us and about how our AAT courses have benefited their careers and businesses:​

Studying AAT with Learning Academy has changed my life. It has enabled me to leave a job that controlled everthing and start my own business. I now spend more time with my children, take and pick them up from school and can attend things that the school do during the day.

Within 8 months of contacting Learning Academy, I completed level 2 and 3, achieved AATQB and gained my bookkeeping practice licence. Bharat is supportive and there to answer any questions I might have. I like the live online sessions as we can be involved in answering questions but tend to use the recordings to do in my own time. The notes and textbooks provided are useful and arrive quickly.

I also do my exams at Learning Academy. They are flexible and I can often book exams with short notice. The Saturday morning slots are great as childcare is tricky in the week.

I am currently studying Level 4 as my clients would like me to be able to offer the full package for Limited Companies. I would like to achieve MAAT. My aims are to continue to grow my business so that i can employ someone to help with admin.

Lucie Howard AATQB MAAT

Lucie has completed her AAT Foundation, Advanced & Professional qualifications, has achieved her AATQB and MAAT status and currently runs her own practice.

In 2015 I began working with Bharat and the Learning Academy studying AAT Level 3. At the time I was a single parent to a 6 year old and Part-Time Accounts Assistant working for a professional cleaning company. I had great ambition to improve my potential whilst raising my daughter single-handedly but due to my personal and work commitments I needed an affordable, convenient and fast-track learning solution. I got in touch with Bharat Shah at the Learning Academy which turned out to be one of the best career training decisions I ever made.

From experience I knew that I was best suited to a class-room environment rather than remote self-style learning. Bharat explained his teaching offering included a remote skype-style meeting but gave no hard sell. He offered me the opportunity to visit his offices for further information and a demonstration of how the AAT sessions would work. After seeing the quality of the learning to be had through this style of learning and considering the advantages of ‘attending’ remote classroom sessions from anywhere I was delighted and knew it was the best solution for me at the time. I could ‘attend’ sessions from home or work which meant I did not need to find any additional childcare solutions which also kept my costs down.


Working with Bharat and the Learning Academy was like having personal one to one tuition from the comfort of my own environment. I enjoyed the learning sessions very much and the learning style meant that I sailed through the exams. On occasion when I required a little bit of extra tuition Bharat stayed on line and used all the traditional l teaching tools to explain the principles of book-keeping and accounts. I was encouraged and empowered by my increasing knowledge.


Having mastered the topics I was able to apply my knowledge very quickly in my work. I streamlined certain processes for the company I worked for and I was subsequently promoted by my then employer and sponsor from Accounts Assistant to Trainee Finance Manager. In 2017 myself and a colleague were offered the opportunity to buy the company. Today I am one of the owners of the business and the Finance Director.


I have stayed in touch with Bharat and I have often contacted the Learning Academy for subsequent support with Accounts based advice which is given quickly and without hesitation. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the encouragement and quality learning offered by Bharat and his team. I consider myself to have a life-long ally and direct connection with the advantages of the AAT system due to the clever and convenient teaching on offer by the Leaning Academy.


Nina Trussler

Director, CS Cleaning (Milton Keynes) Ltd


I am a mature student, currently working for a completely different sector to accounting, but that always had an affinity with numbers, due to a previous career in hospitality management.

I was introduced to the AAT from an old colleague of mine, who passed her level 2 long time ago. She said it would have been a perfect professional course for me to do to change career and use skills I acquired long time ago (in catering) and use them in what could have been a better career for me now that I am more mature.

I researched on the internet for a training provider, I found “The Learning Academy”, contacted Mr Bharat Shah, and I have to say I never looked back.

I found his approach to teaching and his teaching qualities superb, he is very clear, he makes sure we all understand what we are learning during class and he demonstrates with practical examples, being himself an accountant. He is very approachable and always there if we need any extra help, no questioned asked.

I am going to be looking for a job in accounting now and I am sure that with the knowledge that I have acquired with this course, with the professional help of my Training Provider ‘Bharat Shah’ and my past professional experiences and life experiences, I will be able to find a job that will fulfil my expectations and my goals in life

Angelina Upchurch

Angelina completed her AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting qualification with Distinction, her AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification with Merit, and and is currently studying for her AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting qualification.


I have been studying with Learning Academy for almost a year and my experience has been very positive. I have so far passed 4 out of my 5 AAT Foundation in Accounting Level 2 exams.

The course has helped me to gain a better understanding of accounting procedures and assist me when communicating with our accounts team which is an essential part of my role.

My tutor – Bharat Shah has been very accessible and helpful during my course and he made time to assist me in person one to one with a subject when I was having difficulty, which enabled me to gain a high grade in that subject. I would recommend Learning Academy to anyone looking to further their knowledge/career through AAT courses.

Amanda Barnell

Amanda recently completed her AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting qualification with Merit, and is currently studying for her AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping qualification.

I joined Learning Academy to undertake my AAT level 2 in Bookkeeping, I own a veterinary practice and our bookkeeper is retiring so I was looking for somewhere to learn the skills I need to take on this role.

Learning Academy were fantastic with my dyslexia I worried I would struggle to grasp certain things, my tutor was great he answered all questions and we had one to one tutorials online in areas I struggled with making me feel confident for my exams.

AAT level 2 bookkeeping has given me the confidence to know I am doing my books correctly and helped me have a better understanding of the whole bookkeeping process needed for my business. It has even given me a clearer understanding of the information our accountant needs and the information he provides us with.

Making the whole accounting side of things for my business much less daunting, and it allows me to focus on running my business not just getting tangled up with the accounting side of thing.

Emily Wallace

Emily recently completed her AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping qualification.


My studies with Learning Academy have helped me pursue and acquire new career skills in an achievable time frame and at a manageable pace. Particularly important when I have other commitments and the subject matter is completely new to me.

A structured learning plan coupled with the support and motivation of my mentor, Bharat, has helped me develop and achieve new skills and knowledge.

My studies are currently ongoing but with the continued support, responsiveness,and professionalism of Bharat I have every confidence that I will succeed and ultimately fulfil my career aspirations.

Jayne Mais

Jayne recently completed her AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software qualifications, and is currently studying for her AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping qualification.

I have been studying with Learning Academy for five months. I run a small business with my husband. I chose distance learning so I can fit my studies in my working schedule. The best thing about distance learning is I can study whenever and wherever I want. My tutor Bharat is very supportive. He always replies to me promptly and explains complicated questions in a clear and simple way when I email my questions to him. I have passed Level 2 Bookkeeping with his support.

I am currently studying AAT Level 2 Using Accounting Software. It made me realize how much time I could save if I keep the books using an accounting software. Not only is it time-saving but it minimizes human error. Also, I can have access to reports anytime, which gives me a clear picture of the financial status of our business. Therefore, my husband and I have decided to switch to computerised accounting system from manual accounting system.

I will definitely recommend anyone who is self-employed or business owners to take bookkeeping or accounting course. It has deepened my knowledge of the accounting needs of a small business and helped me to work more efficiently.

Shin-ling Tsai

Shin-ling has completed her AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software qualifications, and is currently studying for her AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification.

As a recent distance learner through the AAT I can honestly say it has had a huge impact on the way I look at the financial status of my business. I now appreciate all the fine details of the financial reports that are generated and how this information can be utilised to make my business run more smoothly.

Understanding the financial aspects of your business is critical to the success and coming at this from a non accountant background the learning materials have really opened my eyes.

The support is great and no question is too simple. I like the online mini tests too which help you to understand how far you have come and how far you have to go!

Without question I would recommend the distance learning AAT courses for any small to medium sized business that wants to understand the detail of your accounts and where you can improve.

Liz Williams

Liz is currently studying for her AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping qualification.


As a School Business Manger one of my main tasks is to support the setting, control and monitoring of the main school budget. With the Academy programme now embedded within the education system, the financial administration of schools has become more attuned to that of running a business.

By completing my AAT qualification, it is hoped that the skills and knowledge which I will gain will allow me to provide an improved and more informed support to the schools that I currently work with. It will also open up future career opportunities for me.

Having completed my AAT level 3 on day release at a local college, I chose to complete my level 4 through distance learning with the Learning Academy as they were one of the recommended providers on the AAT website, and being reasonably close to where I live has meant I have been able to take my exams at their offices. This has provided me with greater flexibility of being able to study at times which are more suitable to my life.

I also chose the option to follow the course which offered live tutorial sessions. This has ensured that I have kept on target to complete the modules as they have been provided.

The course material provided has been extremely useful and Bharat Shah has further enhanced this through his delivery of the modules and additional discussion during the live tutorial sessions.

Amanda Norman

Amanda is achieved her AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting qualification


Since starting my journey in 2015 studying AAT with the Learning Academy, I have progressed immensely within my career, receiving two promotions and gaining extra responsibilities. I have gone from being an Accounts Assistant (purely inputting) to the Accounts Supervisor (overseeing others, monthly payroll, running management meetings).

Distance learning with the Learning Academy is the only way I could have studied AAT, I would not have been able to make time to attend college with my busy lifestyle and work so this fitted perfectly for me.

The fact that the online sessions are recorded are also a blessing, I can watch them if I miss them for some reason or even review a particular area if I don’t quite understand.

Failing that the tutors are always on hand just an email/call/session away to talk it over and help you, nothing is ever too much for them. So grateful!


Amy Rooney

Amy has achieved her AAT Foundation, Advanced and Professional qualifications.


Studying with Learning Academy has helped me massively in terms of my career in Accounts, mainly due to how the distance learning works. I am able to fully focus on my day to day tasks at work and then switch my focus in the evenings and weekend sessions to studying AAT.

A huge benefit of Learning Academy is that I do not have to take any ‘day release’ to go to college, which helps me and also my employer as I can manage my workload effectively and not have to go to college and spend a lengthy amount of time there when I could be in the office.

In terms of my future career, AAT studying is setting me up for hopefully a long-term career in Accounting / Finance, and this has benefitted my current employer as I have been able to request further work tasks as I am able to apply the knowledge gained in studying in practical scenarios.

I am looking forward to completing AAT this year and progressing my career further, and Learning Academy’s setup has allowed me to study with discipline and structure – something that I need whilst balancing a busy lifestyle.

Greg Foote 

Greg has achieved his AAT Foundation, Advanced and Professional qualifications.


My husband and I run a small business. Ever since I started studying I was able to put into practise what I was learning and also to notice the things I was doing wrong.

I am happy to have so many resources at hand to improve my skills, for example the AAT website material as well as the support of my tutor and the advantage of distance learning which enables me to study at my own pace. I now feel better prepared to run my business more smoothly and efficiently.

Antonella Garcia

Antonella achieved her AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification with Distinction.


I enjoy working with figures. Maybe this is the one of the reasons why many years ago I’ve chosen logistics path. The idea of getting knowledge in accounting came to me after few years working in Inventory department where the main duty is stock control and inventory balance.

It took me some time to figure out where to start and after wide research I have decided to start with AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting. As I am full time employee I was glad that with AAT there is an option to study from home at your own pace. The study materials and resources are great, so as strong support from course provider Learning Academy.

I am only in middle of my study course but the knowledge I’ve gained so far helps me to look at some of our work procedures from financial point of view, what makes me feel more exited and motivates to learn further.

From now on I have a goal to get deeper accounting knowledge and redirect my career towards financial figures.

Arina Kalinevica

Arina achieved her AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting qualification with Distinction and is currently studying for her AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification.


I chose to study AAT by distance learning because I have a full time job and a hectic social life, and I could fit this around that.

I did my synoptic assessment in February, and already have a promotion starting on the 1st April.

Kayleigh Clydesdale

Kayleigh achieved her AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting qualification with Merit.


I'm currently doing AAT level 4 with Learning Academy Private but I have studied AAT L2 and L3 with the same tutor at College a couple of years ago. L4 Subjects are covered in depth, both the theory part and the practical activities; also you are not left alone when it comes to the revision.


There is plenty of time for revision, at least 2 or 3 teaching sessions are scheduled for it, and if you need some extra, the tutor will always find time for you to help! The tutor is very professional and competent, there're varieties of activities to prepare you for your exams, and he's totally devoted to teaching and will always give some extra support if you need it. Choosing to study your AAT qualification online via LIVE distance learning with Learning Academy gives you the opportunity to study at home and you don't miss the class environment and the opportunity to ask questions! It's like being in a class but without leaving your home and need to travel. I totally recommend Learning Academy to anyone who wants to start their Accounting career.

Lidia Nowakowska 

Lidia is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

experiences. Being a full time employed person I have greatly benefited from the opportunity of following the lessons online as this has cut a significant amount of time in travelling to and from college. The level of teaching and the support offered are without doubt superior to the one received at college. During the lessons, the web platform used is intuitive and allows for the group of students to engage, both, with the teacher and with each other. I particularly enjoy how the teacher shares the screen with all of us when explaining different topics in a way that I can really understand the process and make it mine. Between the lessons the teacher is always available to be contacted via e-mail in case there is a need for further clarification on a particular exercise. The teacher has supported me in keeping up with the exam schedule and to achieve all my set goals within the time set at the beginning of the program. At college, all this just wasn't available. I honestly would recommend Learning Academy Private Limited to anyone who wishes to study accountancy and complete the course in time and with peace of mind.

Cristina Antonangeli

Cristina is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

I had never done a home study course before so initially I was a bit apprehensive about how it works.


I did not need to worry. Price includes cost of all books and exams. All books and notes are provided before we start any subject. The tutor support is really great. When I have a problem I email my tutor and got a response the very next day. Sessions suite my individual learning needs. They are full of resources and really informative. Tutors are very professional.


I really enjoy studying with Learning Academy and I am grateful for all the help and support from Mr. Bharat Shah, director of Learning Academy, and other tutors through my studies.


I will be highly recommending Learning Academy to anyone.


Joanna Ranisz

Joanna is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

My journey, although not complete, from removal man working 70 plus hours a week to accountant working 32.5 hours a week would not have been possible without AAT.

I initially started at Langley College on an AAT Level 1 starter course, this was a challenge on its on for me to commit my time and concentration as I hadn't studied since my time at school almost 30 years ago. This gave me the insight into what the future in accounting could hold for me, with this in mind I decided that I would give this 100% and it has changed not only my life but that of my wife and children. Currently I am in the process of becoming a partner and shareholder in the accounts practice where I have been employed for the last two and a half years.The journey to Level 3 completion would not have been possible without the help and encouragement received from Bharat and Jigish during my time at East Berkshire College. The journey to Level 4 completion would have been a difficult one if the Learning Academy hadn't brought the course to me, I find the online lectures easy to follow and the fact I can work from the comfort of my own home makes this course so accessible. I never thought that starting my AAT experience in my mid forties that after three I would be working in a full time accountancy position, the future for myself and my family looks so much brighter than it did three years ago.


I would to thank you for all your ongoing support along the way. 


Bryan Rodie

Bryan is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.


This course is taught at a very comfortable pace by experienced tutors. The format is easy to use and the tutors are always accessible. Being able to attend sessions from home rather than having to travel to a college is very helpful for a busy person working full time. The course fees are reasonable and competitive compared to other providers. I am entirely satisfied with the service received and would highly recommend this provider and the AAT course as it has helped me find a good job in a short time.

Samina Malik


Samina is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

I was offered the chance to become a senior accountant at my family's firm. So I went for a consultation with Bharat Shah, who was then a tutor at a local college. He provided me with great advice and ever since he has successfully guided me through AAT levels 2 and 3. I followed him to Learning Academy Private Ltd as I found his style of teaching excellent. I really enjoy online learning as it is so convenient whilst working full time as an accountant. The help provided is superb and if I require any support, it is always available quickly and efficiently. Level 4 has been has been a very good learning experience. I highly recommend Learning Academy.


Harshdeep is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

I have known Bharat since I was a student at college (attending level 1, 2 and 3). Since he set up his own business and we could have online sessions, I "followed" him because he is a very good teacher and I really like his methodology. Hope you choose him too. Good luck!

Monika Raicea 


Monica is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

I am currently studying AAT Level 4 with Learning Academy. The standard of teaching is excellent, the lessons are clear and easy to follow, notes and books always arrive on time. Bharat and the other tutors make the lessons entertaining and interesting, a recorded session is forwarded in case the session is missed or if the students need to watch it again. Taking the lessons online is so much easier as it has cut out the travelling to college. The tutors always respond promptly to questions and are happy to offer extra one to one sessions, this is useful during revision times.

Kamaljit Kang 
Director of Sky Cars Maidenhead Limited

Kamaljit is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

I decided to study AAT after years looking after my kids. I was a bit anxious about going back to studies after such a long break. It was the best decision I have ever taken. Lessons were fun, dynamic and very productive. Bharat has a good knowledge of accounting, and he is a great communicator, giving you simple examples that help you understand complex accounting terms. His lectures were well prepared in advance, with plenty of practice exercises to understand each topic.

I always felt very prepared towards my tests, which I passed at first attempt. Since then, I got a job in the finance department of an energy plant, doing a job I truly enjoy.


I would highly recommend Bharat and AAT.

Esther Arlanzon-Revilla

I decided to change my career when I was 33 and moved from Sales to Accountancy. I chose AAT qualification as a start and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I studied this course at Langley College where my lecturer was Bharat Shah. Lectures were productive and informative with plenty of exercises which helped me always be prepared to my exams; and all of them I passed confidently. This was really a great time! Thank you Bharat!

The most important is that the skills and knowledge that I acquired during my studying time helped me in my career in Accountancy. Being a student I started working as an Account Assistant for a logistic company and after a couple of years I was promoted to be a Finance Manager.

Based on my own experience I would highly recommend AAT qualification for those who are passionate to work in the Accountancy field.

Olga Sibli

Olga is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

When I decided to have a change of career from Engineering to Accountancy, I enrolled at a college to study AAT level 2. This is where I met Bharat Shah. He helped me complete level 2 and level 3 with not even one failed exam so there was no doubt I would follow him to Learning Academy Private Limited. I began AAT having such little knowledge of Accountancy all the way to being able to produce Financial Statements from start to finish! This is thanks to Bharat's great teaching skills. I have also found his fellow tutors at Learning Academy have the same enthusiasm for their students to succeed. Also the online learning platform is great as the tutors respond to your questions as if you were in class even though you are in the comfort of your own home. If you want to pass the exams and get a deep understanding of accountancy, I highly recommend studying at Learning Academy.


Harman is now an AAT Level 4 qualified accountant.

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