Exams Information Pack

Please ensure that you have read and understood the information included in this pack.


  • When entering our building (Gemini) please clean your hands using the hand sanitising gel dispenser at the entrance. Alternatively please wash your hands in the restrooms before entering our office once you have entered the building.

  • Please note and follow any signage in the building regarding social distancing.

  • If you or anyone in your household develops symptoms consistent with Covid-19 after you have booked your exam please email us to rearrange or cancel your exam.

  • Any candidate arriving for their exam displaying clear symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will not be allowed to sit their exam. This is for the safety of other candidates as well as ours.

  • Anybody accompanying any exam candidates will not be able to wait in the reception area or anywhere else in the building.

  • Hot drinks will no longer be available. Bottled water will still be available if needed (subject to availability).

  • If you wish to take your hand sanitiser with you for the exam we will allow you to do so as long as it is in a small bottle and it is shown to the invigilators prior to the exam. Please do not attempt to clean any of the IT equipment with your sanitising gel; you will be liable for any damages if you do so.

  • If you wish to wear a facemask during your exam you will be allowed to do so but please note that you may be asked to momentarily remove it when checking your photo ID.

  • We will be limiting the use of the air conditioning system in our office to reduce the spread of airborne particles.

  • Exam sessions may need to be cancelled at a short notice. If your exam is booked for a session that is cancelled, we will offer to reschedule it for free or offer a full refund of fees paid.

  • The above may be changed/updated based on guidelines from the government, the AAT, Lindfordwood Business Park or our policies.

Proof of Identity


All students are required to present a valid photographic proof of identity on the day of the assessment.


If you do not present a valid proof of identification, you will not be allowed to sit the exam. Your exam fees will be refunded, however, our administration fee will not be refunded.

The following documents are accepted:


  • current valid (signed) full UK passport

  • current valid (signed) overseas passport or national ID card

  • current valid EEA (European Economic Area) member state ID card

  • current full or provisional UK/EU photocard driving licence

  • current residency permit issued by the Home Office

  • current valid CitizenCard.

The following documents are not accepted:


  • birth certificate

  • marriage certificate

  • deed poll certificate

  • employers ID card

  • letter from HMRC

  • college ID card

  • Oyster card/transport card (any format)

  • any document without a photo, for example, bank statement

  • provisional driving licence (any country) without photograph

  • any form of ID on the accepted list, if the name is different but the relevant accompanying document is not supplied (see below).

N.B. A marriage certificate or deed poll can be presented along with one of the acceptable ID documents if your enrolment name is different to that on the ID document but your official documentation has not yet been changed.

N.B. A clear and legible photocopy of any of the valid documents stated above can also be presented, only if it is accompanied by an official letter issued recently from a solicitor/the Home Office, stating where the original documents are and confirming your identity.


The following items are not permitted in the assessment area:

  • mobile phones

  • dictionaries (including electronic dictionaries)

  • computers (other than those being used for the assessment)

  • flash drives or other portable storage devices

  • study text, revision cards, and course notes

  • books and papers

  • any form of smart, electronic or programmable wristwatch

  • blank paper for rough work (we will provide you with one)

If you have any of the above items in your possession, you will need to leave them in the care of the invigilator for the duration of your assessment. Your mobile phone will need to be switched off, not just switched to silent mode.

N.B. We do not accept any responsibility for items left in the care of the invigilator nor are we liable for any damage or loss of said items.

You are permitted to bring your own pens, pencils, erasers and calculators. If contained in a pencil case, the case must be transparent.

N.B. Your calculators:


  • must not be programmable.

  • should not be able to store data, text or alphanumeric formulas.

  • should not emit audible tones,

  • should not be able to print,

  • should not be programmable from other sources

  • should not be a function of a personal organiser, watch or mobile phone.

  • Solar powered calculators are used at own risk.


Wheelchair access (please let us know when booking)
Free bottled water
Air conditioned exams room
Toilets (including disabled access)
Computers equipped with ambidextrous mouse (if you require your computer to be configured of left handed use, please let us know at least 48 hours before your exam)



Suite G9,
Gemini House,
Linfordwood Business Park,
Sunrise Parkway,
Milton Keynes
MK14 6LS

Please park in the visitor's area (shown below) or on Sunrise Parkway if the visitor's area is full. Avoid the three entrances to the business park marked with the red "X" as they do not lead to the visitor's car park. Use the entrance marked with the green tick to access the visitor's car park and take the steps to Gemini building where our office is located.

  • Good access through either M1 (J14) or A5

  • Accessible through public transport buses as well

         routes 23, 24 and 25 passing through Marlborough Street
         routes 30, 31 and 37 passing through Monks Way

  • About 2.4 miles from the Central Milton Keynes Rail Station

  • About 3.2 miles from Wolverton Rail Station

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