Exams Centre


AAT Computer Based Assessments (CBA's) for external candidates.

We accept external candidates for their AAT CBAs at our exams centre at Milton Keynes.

Please read the information on this page before booking your exam

Please note: Unfortunately we do not accept bookings from external candidates for the AAT Level 2 UACS Using Accounting Software & AAT Level 3 SPSH Spreadsheets exams.

We will post any updates on this page so please bookmark this page and check back for updates before leaving for your exam.

Our exam slots are being confirmed only four/five weeks in advance at the moment due to the current uncertainties. Bookings can only be made for slots that are confirmed and made available in our online schedule (link below). Booking requests for slots that are not available in our online schedule will NOT be responded to. 


Due to the reduced capacity, we request that candidates only book exams if they are certain at the time of booking that they are ready and can attend and that they please refrain from making speculative bookings (i.e. making a booking request just to secure a space and using the payment period to decide). We will not accept any future booking requests from candidates who have made a speculative booking on more than one occasion in the past.

External candidates - before booking, please read the information further down this page if you are looking to booking any of the following exams:

Level 2 Using Accounting Software (UACS)

Level 2 Foundation Synoptic (FSYA)

Level 3 Spreadsheets for Accounting (SPSH)

Level 3 Advanced Synoptic (ADSY)

Level 4 Professional Synoptic (PDSY)

Covid-19 related information:

  • Although anyone testing positive for Covid-19 is no longer legally required to self-isolate, we expect candidates who test positive on the day of their exam, or in the days immediate to their exam date, to act responsibly and not attend their exam and instead to inform us to either reschedule or cancel their booking.

  • Exam sessions may need to be cancelled at a short notice. If your exam is booked for a session that is cancelled, we will offer to reschedule it for free or offer a full refund of fees paid.

  • When entering our building (Gemini) please clean your hands using the hand sanitising gel dispenser at the entrance. Alternatively please wash your hands in the restrooms before entering our office once you have entered the building.

  • Please note and follow any signage in the building regarding social distancing.

  • Any candidate arriving for their exam displaying clear symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will not be allowed to sit their exam. This is for the safety of other candidates as well as ours.

  • Anybody accompanying any exam candidates will not be able to wait in the reception area or anywhere else in the building.

  • Hot drinks will no longer be available. Bottled water will still be available if needed (subject to availability).

Booking your exam:


View the exam slots currently available and exam fees (opens a spreadsheet document)

If the above link does not work please email us at enquiries@learnac.co.uk with the indicative week/s you are looking for to book your exam and we'll email you the dates and slots.

To book an exam with us please send us an email at enquiries@learnac.co.uk with the following details:

  1. Your full name as per AAT's records

  2. Your AAT membership number

  3. Your date of birth

  4. Your preferred exam slot (see above for available slots); please provide a second preference if possible 

  5. The assessment you wish to take (if booking either UACS, SPSHFSYA, ADSY or PDSY exams, please read the relevant information below before booking)

Once we have booked your exam in our exams schedule we will send you a confirmation email along with the payment link. Exam fees are payable online using a credit/debit card; we do not currently accept cash or cards at our exam centre. Payment for exam bookings by external candidates can only be made online using credit/debit card; payment via direct bank transfer/BACS is not accepted.

Please note: your exam booking is confirmed ONLY if the exam fee is paid by the date stipulated in the invoice/confirmation email. Our exam service charges are non-refundable in case of cancellation, change of date/time or late arrival (more than 30 minutes). Re-scheduling an exam will incur additional service charges of £25 for booking the space in the new slot.

Using Accounting Software (UACS) exam:

We do not accept any bookings from external candidates for this exam. If you are enrolled with us you can book your exam as normal.

Spreadsheets for Accounting (SPSH) exam:

From September 2021 the Level 3 Spreadsheets for Accounting unit is no longer assessed as part of the Level 3 Advanced Synoptic exam, it is instead assessed through a separate Spreadsheets for Accounting (SPSH) exam. Unfortunately we cannot accept any bookings from external candidates for this exam. 

Booking your Synoptic (FSYA, ADSY or PDSY) exam:


The AAT allows the synoptic exam to be taken only during certain "synoptic weeks" and only after you have attempted certain required exams.


To check the synoptic weeks for your level please refer to AAT's synoptic calendar (link updated April 2021): https://www.aat.org.uk/prod/s3fs-public/assets/AAT-synoptic-assessment-windows-results-release-dates-2021-23.pdf

Before booking your synoptic exam, please ensure that you have already attempted the following exams required at your level:


  1. Level 2 Foundation Synoptic (FSYA): Bookkeeping Transactions, Bookkeeping Controls, Elements of Costing

  2. Level 3 Advanced Synoptic (ADSY): Advanced Bookkeeping, Final Accounts Preparation, MA: Costing

  3. Level 4 Professional Synoptic (PDSY): Financial Statements, MA: Budgeting, MA: Decision & Control


If you have not attempted the required exams for your synoptic exam, we will not be able to book your exam on AAT's exam system closer to the exam date and we will have to cancel your booking. Our service charges will NOT be refundable if your synoptic exam booking has to be cancelled because you haven't attempted the required exams.

Amenities and features:

1. Air-conditioned exams room
2. Evening /weekend slots available
3. Access to bottled water


1. Good access through either M1 (J14) or A5
2. Accessible through public transport buses as well

   routes 23, 24 and 25 passing through Marlborough Street
   routes 30, 31 and 37 passing through Monks Way

3. About 2.4 miles from the Central Milton Keynes Rail Station
4. About 3.2 miles from Wolverton Rail Station

For further details about public transport in the local area, please refer:

Address: G7, Gemini House, Linfordwood Business Park, Sunrise Parkway, Milton Keynes - MK14 6LS

contact details: enquiries@learnac.co.uk

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Exam Information Pack before you come to sit your exam. 

Terms and Conditions

We are based in a serviced office in a business park which means that we share common facilities (car parks, common pedestrian area, visitors' lounge within our building, toilet facilities, etc.) with other tenants in the building as well the whole estate (Linfordwood Business Park) which comprises of five buildings.

Other than what happens within our office room (for which we are responsible in terms of health and safety), we are not responsible for any injury, damage or any untoward incident happening anywhere else in the estate (including but not restricted to the car parks, paved pedestrian area, visitors' lounge, toilets, stairs etc.) since it is outside our control.

Students, visitors and exam candidates visiting our office have to park their vehicles in the visitors' car park or on Sunrise Parkway outside the estate (see Exam Info Pack for details on parking arrangements) - unless specifically permitted by us to park in our reserved parking spaces. If we find any student/visitor/exam candidate not adhering to this rule, we reserve the right to refuse to accept any future exam bookings from them.

Cars parked in the visitors' car park, Linfordwood Business Park, or on the roads surrounding the estate are done so at the risk of the owner/driver and we bear no responsibility whatsoever.  

Exam sessions may need to be cancelled at a short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Affected exam candidates will be notified and will be offered a free reschedule to another session or a full refund of fees paid.