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Accounting skills aren't just for accountants, but useful for anyone who runs their own business, or is self-employed.

 Are you an employer? Find out how our AAT courses can benefit your business.

How can accounting skills be useful to you?

At the very least, basic bookkeeping and accounting skills help comply with the law, for instance you learn how to complete a VAT return. You learn how to manage cash flow, which is important because cash is the lifeblood of all businesses. You learn how to identify and chase debtors more effectively and recover money owed to your business.

No matter what business you run, be it an architectural firm, a bakery, a chemist, a dental practice or a florist, our AAT accounting courses can be of benefit to you. It is also useful for those who are self-employed, freelancers or sole traders. Whether you are a web designer or a plumber, our AAT accounting courses will show you how to manage your finances more efficiently.

Not only that, earning an AAT accounting qualification will demonstrate to your clients, suppliers and creditors that you know how to run a business that is financially sound.

Our AAT accounting courses will enable you to:

  • process cash and bank transactions
  • process sales and purchases
  • maintain sales and purchase ledger accounts
  • manage receivables and payables
  • do reconciliations (bank, supplier, etc) and prepare your trial balance
  • process basic journal entries (also known as double entries)
  • prepare financial statements (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, etc.)
  • carry out year-end adjustments like closing inventory, depreciation, accruals and prepayments
  • prepare accounts for partnership businesses and sole traders
  • use decision making tools such as Break-even analysis
  • understand VAT regulations and complete a VAT return
  • prepare financial statements (Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, etc.)
  • use advanced costing methods and systems and budgeting

Accounting skills as a management tool

The usefulness of accounting skills is not limited to the accounting processes; it can aid other functions such as marketing, operations management or inform the overall business strategy.

For example, break-even analysis can help to inform your pricing strategy or your promotion strategy. It helps inform business strategy by showing you how healthy your margins are. Analysis of purchase and sales ledgers can inform your operations management strategy by highlighting who your most important suppliers are and can help with customer relations by highlighting who your most valuable clients are.

Why choose to study with Learning Academy?

  • Our tutors and lecturers have years of teaching accounting in general and AAT courses in particular.
  • Our tutors and lecturers also have experience of working in the industry, so you will learn not just the accounting theory, but also benefit from real world insight.
  • Our tutors and lecturers have experience of training entrepreneurs and small business owners so they know how to apply the theory in a business context that is relevant to you.
  • Our LIVE Online courses allow you to join the lectures from your office or home; there is no need to travel to a physical classroom.
  • Our distance learning courses allow you to learn whenever and wherever it suits you, while still benefitting from the experience of our lecturers and tutors.
  • We know that running your own business and managing your personal commitments is very demanding on your time. As a result, our courses are designed to fit around your commitments, not the other way around.
  • AAT's assessments are computer based which means they can be scheduled to be taken when it is most convenient for you.

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